Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Soul

Hi Everybody! :)

I'm sorry. And the answer for your question, I've been busy with my work lately. :)

So, today I'm going to share with all of you story of My Soul. Just scroll it. ;)

So, she is my lovely wife. Just celebrated our 1st anniversary 2 months ago on 26 Nov 2011. She was my first love since I was 14 years old. Then after school, this relationship just end without anyone ask for it. Then we have met again after a few years and pretending like nothing happen between us and start for that day, she become my only Best Friend (Girl) I ever had. But who knows, one day we will be together as a husband and wife. JODOH. :) I love her more than anything in this world. I've planned all my future just for her and our son.

His name is Muhammad Danish Rayyan. You can call him Ean, Danish or Rayyan. Depends on you. For now everyone have called him Ean. He is our first baby, son. Born with 3.25kg weight, long feet and 1 red born-mark on the back his neck. Someone in my family told me that this red mark is 'Bunga Hara'. I'm sorry, seriously I don't know what was Bunga Hara's mean. But everyone have saw this mark, they will said, 'He will be a good boy and will be good in what he do, in other words, he's intelligent'. Amin. I'm glad if what they said is going to be happen in future. But I know, Fate or everything in this world will be happen with consent from Allah, I'm just pray. And hope he will make me proud one day and seriously, I can feel that.




Bidadarisorga said...

Comelnye anak abg Eddy..

Honeydy Love said...

congrats beb...!

Just me said...
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Just me said...

Jodoh tue rahsia Allah.. =)

Just me said...

Jodoh tue rahsia Allah.. =)