Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alhamdulillah, Thanks Allah.

26 January 2011, today was my 2nd months anniversary and today I'm be the most happiest person in life when I know that my wife was pregnant our first baby.

Happy! Happy! and Happy! :)

I'm going to be a dad in 8 months and 5 days!

Please pray for my baby and my wife health. Thanks!



Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Allah


Alhamdulillah, this is my first entry on 2011. I've this opportunity to begin with a new and fresh ideas to write in here.

So, today I just want to start with my new life. A story about being a HUSBAND. ;)

First of all, THANK YOU ALLAH, finally I've a new life to begin with my lovely wife.

Being a husband it's not easy like what we have saw in a movie.
Sometimes we can see other couples really look happy with each
other but It doesn't mean they are truly happy.
Most of the case, woman who is most unhappy with their life.
Sorry but this is reality.

But with little knowledge and effort this can be changed.
A man can fulfill an woman’s heartfelt needs by understanding
nature of women and what an woman wants from a relationship.

Good relationship is the one of the most valuable possession
of a person, unless you enjoy good and satisfying relationship
with your companion (date/wife/girlfriend) you will find there
is a void in your life. And filling this void with something
else could be difficult if not impossible.

But frankly very few of us enjoy really satisfying relationship.
This should not convey the idea that today’s men and women are
not that serious to build the satisfying relationship. Or there
is less time available to all of us to devote for building good

Here you are about to find the truth behind the scenario. What
one can do to improve the situation.

There are certain things which can improve your relationship.
But sadly we either do not aware of these or do not think these
can be of any help.

You, need to realize that you and your partner are two different
persons, you are from different backgrounds, your upbringing was
done differently and two of you being of different sex are
genetically programmed to think and communicate differently and
seek to fulfill different needs from a relationship.

Women are created by God a bit differently. To satisfy her and to
build a enriching and loving relationship men have to understand
her desires and give what she wants.

They want and crave for a man who is gentle, but capable of take
care of her, Who is kind enough and loves to please her. Confidence
is appreciated by women when it is not threatening to her.

Women love attention. Allocate at least 20 – 30 minutes for being
together. This can lead to a strong relationship. While together,
talk to her and listen to her opinions without being judgmental.

Give her some small surprise gifts like flower.

Avoid criticism like plague. Nobody, women or men enjoy being

The above tips are just some examples. The bottom line is women
need love and attention. Men have to find time to pay attention
and discover ways to communicate love.

Now, I hope you are little more aware of the needs of women.
Your chance of success is very high if you just follow these
little things. Yes, I've said that being a husband it's not easy, but..
being a husband was a greatest thing in the world that we had.
Trust me! ;)

See ya!