Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alhamdulillah, Thanks Allah.

26 January 2011, today was my 2nd months anniversary and today I'm be the most happiest person in life when I know that my wife was pregnant our first baby.

Happy! Happy! and Happy! :)

I'm going to be a dad in 8 months and 5 days!

Please pray for my baby and my wife health. Thanks!




MariaFaizal said...

Heartiest congratulations to the both of you! I'm truly glad & i know how it feels when you get the "news" - exciting, almost like you're on roller coaster.

New year, new baby! :D


Ad Rifza said...

Alhamdulillah...Syukur padaNYA..Moga semuanya dipermudahkan..

Cikgu Nizam said...

Alhamdulillah.... eh? Lamanyer tak dengar crita bro... nak gak lawat anak ko ni huhu

CAHAYA said...

Congrats. ;) Hope both baby and ibu dia sihat sepanjang masa.

Skullsplitter said...

All : Thanks to everyone for your wish!