Sunday, August 3, 2008


The feelings of unhappiness

Feel really down, like being burried alive and can barely breathe. Feel like no one cares that you feel this way and you feel lonely. You keep saying in your head “I wish I was dead” or something along those lines. Wishing someone would care that you feel this way all the time, wishing you didn’t have to hide it from the world so people will like you. Every problem you have becomes so much bigger and you get the problems outa your head no more. You can’t live your life, all you feel like doing is dieing. Don’t cry, it will hurt yourself. That’s the difference between being sad and depressed. When your sad you cry, when your depressed you hurt so the pain will subside for a little while. What we have to do is just move on. Because it's the good thing you has learn in your life. Always back to the only ONE.

The feelings of happiness

Joy, like love and truth, is a gift of Spirit. Joy, love and truth enter your being when your heart is open. Joy is the feeling of exuberance and oneness that envelopes you once you have opened to feeling your pain, learning from it, and moving through it.
Joy cannot enter your heart when you are protected against your pain. When you protect against your pain, you close your heart to avoid the pain, and joy cannot enter a closed heart. Thus, joy is the result of doing your inner work to learn to keep your heart open.

The feelings of satisfaction

Feelings of comfort come from one or more of our five senses. Whether it is a song we hear, the taste of a favorite food, the feeling of our favorite clothes, the sight of a loved one, or the smell of garden after a spring rain, comfort stirs our hearts and emotions into a sense of safety and security. We run to special moments in our lives when we encounter any of our 5 senses of comfort memories. This is our hearts safety net for difficult times.

Hadith: Narrated by Ibn Masoud Sahih

“There is no heart that is not covered by a cloud just like a cloud covers the moon when it is shining, and so it suddenly goes dark, but when it (the cloud) goes away, it shines again [heart].”

Feeling can be unhappiness, happiness and satisfaction, but everything is come from HIM, what we can do is ran away from the 'dark cloud' which is can close our heart to a better feel. Insya'Allah.



Anonymous said...

Salam skullsplitter...

Yay!! I'm first!!

Feeling... I always see it as 2-ways, +ve and -ve feeling...

It is life and alive when we felt all the feeling you've mentioned and also whatever feeling you're not...

I believe... everything happen for a reason... I also believe there will be 'hikmah' behind it... or if let's say no reason I took it as not my 'rezeki' la kan???

Thank Allah SWT for all this feeling... whether happy or sad, whether joy or depress...

I'm loving it!!! (...ala² McD)

zackzara said...

Erm. Feeling is a subjective response to a person/thing/situation. It also means our perception towards something. Thus, everyone are able to feel something over something and this feeling is unique to each individual.

Depression, sad, sorrow are all the negative feelings, or so we thought, but this kind of feeling is not to be taken for granted, for these feelings will eventually gives you the ability to perceived on how you view the life itself.

Feeling happy is what most people crave for, for this kind of feeling will always get along well with our inner self, no matter what happen. When we feel happy over something or with someone, we tend to forget the bad perceptions that we thought/have in the first place over something or someone. Thus, this feeling prevails over any other feeling. Once you are feeling happy, you will always wish that the feelings will linger inside you for as long as you want it to be, no less.

The feeling of satisfaction will come when you have the power to feel that you've come to a term of achieving something, and most will have this feeling when they are happy. It is when you feel that you are at ease and calm with yourself that you will feel satisfied over your own life, and the way you view it, in your own word.

True indeed, that these mixture of feelings comes from the Almighty. It is not something that can be seen or touched, but it is something that can be felt - only by yourself. This 'feeling' is not hereditary, it is not something that you can passed from one to another. If the happiness stays with you, it stays.

I always advocate the feeling of having feelings and be able to feel the feel of it as a gift from HIM, a sign that only we know what it meant although sometime it is just a momentarily feeling. But still, it is something that you have in your inner heart, and potrays through your eyes which eventually will affect those surrounds you.

The feeling that you ought to have. The feeling that you crave for so long. The feeling of be able to feel the true self. That is, for me, the most important. For only when you are able to sense these feelings, you are able to know thyself..and by then, you know HIM..and then you will know the reason of having that feeling.

I feel you.

Skullsplitter said...

love-n-hate: Waalaikumussalam Nurin, Yup! We have to see it as 2 ways, positive or negative.

When you say 'hikmah', i would say everything happen whether good thing or bad thing, it is not suffering because suffering is good, without it, we do not know the true meaning of happiness.

Are you happy? =)


Skullsplitter said...

zara : Wah! panjangnye! ermm you feel me?

Like someone say:

'Focus attention on the feeling inside you.
Know that it is the pain-body.
Accept that it is there.
Don't think about it - don't let the feeling turn into thinking.
Don't judge or analyze.
Don't make an identity for yourself out of it.
Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you.
Become aware not only of the emotional pain but also of "the one who observes," the silent watcher.
This is the power of the now, the power of your own conscious presence.
Then see what happens'


Anonymous said...

Whoever says that, I agree. I love it!

Skullsplitter said...

zara : Yup! I love it too!