Friday, November 6, 2009

Being Nice, Is it Enough?

I wonder if there got someone can teach me to be nice coz maybe I got less respect to others. In so many way. This is only what in my mind. Is it enough or not? Yes, I asked you. Thanks.

1. When we do something bad or wrong to others, we should say sorry.

2. When they do something great to us, we should say thanks.

3. If we see he's doing something not good, we give him/her an advice

4. Be a good friend in easy or hard time.

5. Every single minute, wiling to forgive.

6. When we meet someone we like, tell her/him the truth about our feel.

7. When we want to say something, think it first if there any possibility it will hurt others.

8. Keep listening to your friend's advice and do what it right.

9. Being fair to everybody.


Had a conversation with a few friends last night and we talked about being nice, honest and someone new with our group be a victim-lady-cum-motivator to asked how's good being nice and honest to her. And she's simply come with the answer :

"I love someone who used his good attitude without showing it, coz for me someone who used it in that way is someone who was trained to be like that. And he's trained by himself. The conclusion is he's not being honest to himself and how can he be honest to others. And I don't like someone come to me and said that he like me, I preferred someone who can use others to get close with me and slowly make me fall in love with me. lol."

And I said :

Me: Erkk.. good thought you have but I just confused, did i said something about LOVE or I just missed something with what u said?

Ej: Haha. You got every single words i've said and the last part of my words it's just an addtional. Just in case. lol. Hahaha.

Me: lmao! What the 'cheng'!



Honeydy Love said...


Skullsplitter said...


Honeydy Love said...

good one..:)
i'll pray for you.. Amin..

DrSam said...

Being nice is just like throwing a boomerang. You throw it will come back to you.

Cool bro.

MariaFaizal said...

I've always wondered the same.
Can being nice be taught? or it'sd simply genetic?


do we(I) have too high expectation? When i do something nice (common things),like saying thanks,sorry, please etc, i normally expect others to do the same.But yeah..i'm just human, only better than those who don't do nice things.. he he he..

Don't be affected by those who don't have manners,k?Life is bigger than that. Take care dik.

Skullsplitter said...

Dr Sam : Alhamdulillah if u said so.

Kak Maria : Ya Kak, life is bigger. thanks for your thought. u too takecare!