Friday, August 14, 2009

Outside and Inside

taken from flickr

Simple words,

Ugly outside, beautiful inside it's better than beautiful outside, ugly inside.

or ugly outside and inside? beautiful outside and inside?

Which one is you? Ponder!



CAHAYA said...

ugly inside out. that's me.

and I've changed for good long time ago. people might not notice it. and maybe they shouldn't. it just between me and my Sir.

an open heart and mind make people see things beyond whatever they see in just bare eyes. people judge according to what they see. but never from their heart and mind. a slight change might lead to better world. and better self as well.

take care. Salam.

Ad Rifza said...

Yang paling sesweii adalah cantik luar dan dalam...
Diluar dipandang cantik...didalam dirasa cantik..hehe
Cantik adalah suatu yg subjektif..Nilai kecantikan itu haruslah ada pada setiap orang..dan cubalah utk menjadi cantik luar dan dalam..Biasanya bila dalam cantik ia akan memancarkan kecantikan diluar..

Skullsplitter said...

Waalaikummussalam. Cahaya you don't have to tell everybody that u was changed. And if you really changed, your physical will speak, your attitude will show, your words will singing nicely and your mind will think in a good way.

If we still cheating, lie, hurt others, still using vulgar words, hate others, using something not yours and the important things, Solat? Puasa? If we still not 100% commit to change all of this, are this consider that we've changed? Erm..


Skullsplitter said...

Ad : Yup, thats true. Cantik luaran dan dalaman. Yang mungkin susah nk cari zaman skarang nih, tp hakikatnya sepatutnya semua kita dilahirkan sebagitu cantik luar dan dalaman. Cuma yang mengubahnya adalah kita.


CAHAYA said...

True enough what you've said. I have to be straight to Him and insyaALLAH the rest will follow. Thanks. ;)