Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Is Me!

I'm tired. I'm tired being me.

I'm bored. I'm bored being me.

I'm nothing. Nothing in me and for me.

Do I care? I'll say NO. Why? This is me.

This is someone who never deserved to anyone.

I'll hurt you and you and you. Trust me. Maybe you'll be the next person to get hurt.

Just go guys, before you get hurt. I can be alone. This is me.

I don't want to hurt anyone. But my words, my action and my heart will hurt you.

I'm sorry.



ixora said...

manusia saling bergantung...kadang2 kesakitan itu mengajar satu mnusia mengenali mnusia yg lain sekitarnya...=)

gud luck n take cre!

*jg smpai lupa mkn...nnt da x muncit...xde aset da...lala...larikkkkk!

Honeya Diaz said...

try to figure out and get to know yrself before u said that u know others. learn how to be sorry. And learn not to insult people in front of public.
no one perfect. we are here to learn our mistakes.People always make mistakes. but never give up on something dat u tot is not worth it, but it's actually worth it, which is u dun realize it.

hope u'll be happy coz i know u will. try to learn how to appreciate people.
money can't buy love but only your sincerity,honesty could make it better... Insyaallah.. Amin..

zamspotte said...

Then, if hurt me can make you happy, don't hesitate to hurt me...

Eddy, pengalaman mengajar kita erti kekuatan, carilah dalam diri anda... Pasti kita tahu betapa cintanya DIA kepada kita sebagai makhluknya

crazie_manic said...

Skull : whats wrong???sometimes you think you can be alone but the fact is you can't..You still need friends around you to make you happy...and real friend will not hurt by you as they understand you.....