Monday, January 19, 2009

Forgive Her

Everybody, please forgive her for what she did.

Give her chance to have a new life, to change.

Besides all the bad things happen, I can see chance for her to be a better person. She was a nice person I know and it's true. For example, she saw so much potential in me to be healthy like others that she did everything in her power to harden and support me to make me a stronger person. That's was a good thing I love about her. She has a kind heart, but maybe she just try to prove something for her better life, but she do it in the wrong way, bad way.

You might want to argue with me, you might want me to shut up, but don't bother, guys, this is what my heart is saying that she has her own reason to lie. You're entitled to listen to your heart. It may say something different. That doesn't make mine wrong. See how that works?

An important point, we can hate what she did, and still forgive her. It's in the teachings of many religions. The power of redemption. Rising above our nature. Overcoming our past, and then becoming greater, cleaner, more free, more human.

Forgive her. Thank you.



CAHAYA said...

Alhamdulillah. Memaafkan seseorang memang dituntut. :)

Forgiving doesn't mean that you condone of the wrongdoings. And I do hope everyone will find peace and will at least lessen some grips of the hatred.

I less care about her nowadays. Lantaklah. Pandai2lah dia.

Skullsplitter said...

Erm. Dah besar pjg pun kan. Yup. But maybe she need us to guide her. I don't know, just want to help.


crazie_manic said...
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crazie_manic said...

Skul : Allah pun memaafkan umatnya..apatah lagie kita yang kerdil ini...mungin tafsira aku salah namun aku yakin ianya betul...setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya....berdoalah....