Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tag Again (3rd times)

I've been tagged by Cahaya. Below is my answer for all question.

1) When first time you meet him/her?
No idea. But the first conversation we had is on 25 July.

2) What do you feel?
I'm happy + 'angau'

3) What you feel right now?
Happy and Happy and Happy..

4) If your enemy do anything that you hate, what you will do first?
Hiah! Slap him with my shoe! Huhu~

5) Give 5 characters that have at you.....
What do think about me? I don't have the answer.

6) If he/her have broke your heart, what your action?
Do nothing. Just move on.

7) What character you like toward him/her?
Nice, Sweet, Cute, Indulgent and Matured.

8) Who is the name of no.1?

9) If your lover become your enemies, is it you will hate him/her?
I'll not hate anyone.

10) The most memorable thing he/her had done to you?
She give me hope.

11) The most thing that he/her have said to you?
I Love You (*Love you too) Huhu~

12) No.7 boy or girl?
I'm not gay. Girl.

13) Who is no.9?
No one.

14) To the person that always support to you?
Thanks. May Allah bless you.

15) 10 people to tag...
Erm.. You and you and you and of course you. Huhu~

*Kasih.. It's you. =)


CAHAYA said...

ohh, kasih yer! haha.

p/s: encik eddy, bolehkah kita berjumpa hari ini, ada hal la nak story. Dlm belah malam la. Call me!

Skullsplitter said...

Aah. My Kasih. Huhu~

p/s: Ok. Will call you from office tghhari nanti.


Max said...

di waktu ini penulis akan merasakan yang pahit itu manis,yang garang itu manja,yang jauh itu rindu,yang yang yang laH~ huhuh

Apa pun best of luck to u.
I will wait for ur invitation weeding card :p

Skullsplitter said...

pemudakampung: Yang pahit itu sentiasa manis, yang garang itu sentiasa manja, yang jauh itu sentiasa rindu, Yang Satu itu Pegangan yang utuh. Hati diubat bila kalimah dilafaz, bukankah sakit itu kian menjadi nikmat? =) Alhamdulillah kurniaanNya.

**Thanks sahabat. Will send you the invitation, dun worry. Wait and see. InsyaAllah.