Monday, February 11, 2008

10/2/2008 Tough Day!

Whut am i doing today..
Its juz fucking bored and tired..
I cnt sleep last night.. And then i need to work today at 9am!
Its fuckin Sunday man.. Argghhhhhhhh..
I go to studio juz to make sure everything is fine.. thats its.. but at 9am man..
After lunch i going back to my home, to my bed.. zzZzZZZzzZZ till 8pm..
930pm.. Man Utd VS Man City.. Man U lose 2-1.. But its ok.. because today is the tribute game to 1958 Man U team with the big heart of player and fan.. I like it, I like the jersey and i like this game.. I change my desktop background to 1958 team picture taken before the tragedy.. Its cool! Now.. I want to sleep.. C ya!

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