Sunday, August 14, 2011


Enough with the politic today. Today I'm going to answer to the same question in my FB's inbox start from December 2010 till last week. The answer for everybody who asking me 'Where are you going and why are you never update your blog?'

Wow, till today I've count 36 friends asking me the same question. Maybe it's not a big number to anyone who read this entry, but for me it was a big number and I was thinking that, 'ada jugak org ambik tau pasal blog aku'. It was an honor. Thank you very much everybody! ;)

So, back to the question. For everybody who asked, firstly I'm so sorry for never answer the question till last year, secondly I'm so sorry because I'm so busy with my life now as a husband since November last year and soon will be a dad and I'm so busy with my work. Since last year, my schedule was totally changed. I've to wake early morning like everybody else maybe at 6.30am for Subuh, and got a little time to rest before out to work at 8.00am. No need more details I think, so at 6.00pm, I'll drive to shop's branch, which is about 24km from my main shop at town and continue to open the shop till 10.00pm. (Note: Since my wife pregnant on January she help me to control/supervise our branch shop till 6.00pm and I'll continue till 10.00pm).

So, that was the same routine everyday. I got no time to blogging, surf or anything else. But lately, I've try hard to have at least 1 hour for me to update my blog, my FB, my business web everyday and I'm glad that I can manage it!

Hope this entry will not be my recent entry for a long time. Let's pray for that! :)

Thanks everybody! Keep reading and comment at this blog!


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