Monday, October 12, 2009

Seven Wishes and Seven Hope

7 Wishes and 7 Hopes

Like a film, all of us want and need to do something before we 'go'. Whoever did watch Seven Pounds, it show everything in there. Someone who is deeply depressed and guilt-ridden over mistakes from his past doing something that we can't expect will happen. That was his own way. But I think most of the story, it's about our life. And most of the scene got a connection with a real life, our life everyday. We do the same for us and others.

One of the scene when she called Ben and asked him to accompany her just on the phone while she's try to sleep is maybe one of the most things we do to our partner rite? I don't know, maybe just a few. Erm, actually this is not what I want to talked about, it's just an intro.

The important point is what we want to do before we 'go. I want to do something for my life before it come. I got a few list in my head. I don't know, maybe I can't fulfill everything but it's not something wrongdoing you do if you just can't. Our faith, with Him. But it really make me happy if i can do it. I hope so.

I need strength. I need soul. I need support. From everybody. Thank you.



Nizam Gtz said...

Life is always like that...

Bigger test means greater level of your iman... Try your best to do HIS test and your Iman will increases insya Allah...

The biggest enemy is ourself, defeat him!!! Be strong, we always behind you...

Honeydy Love said...

I'll support you as long as i'm still alive.. InsyaAllah..
We just have to be strong even though only Allah S.W.T knows that we're nearly fall..

Anonymous said...

I find 7 pounds was the best piece after Will Smith's Pursuit of Happyness. Its kinda amazing story line and brilliant ending especially when Tim (Ben) pull the jellyfish box into the bath tub.

I just hope you won't do the same. Your did good enough to the world so far. You helped a lot of people. And you helped me. Thanks.

I wish you well and all the best in everything. Good luck!

Skullsplitter said...

zam : Alhamdulillah. I'm getting better day by day and just hope for a miracle. I know He's fair. Thanks Zam for supporting me. Thanks so much.

Hanie : Thanks for your support and I'm sorry for everything i did which is hurt you in emotion or physical. U are a good girl as i know. Keep being good and find a good way to success and a good man to lead you.


Skullsplitter said...

Anon : I wish i know who u are dear. From this film, Allah give me an idea to wrote something about life. And alhamdulillah, I've done write one story with title 'Kasih'. Fully story for book and fully script for film. I'll try to fulfill my new wish, to film this story and after this i'll update this in my new post.

No dear.. do u think i'll do the same? if i want to die, not in that way.. i want to die with my heart, my mind, my body and everything in me wrapping by iman. And no 'enough' word in my life dear.

I wish u fine too. Keep it up doing a good things. My prays will always with you and thanks.


Anonymous said...

Woa, that was super cool. I wish you all the best for the upcoming book and film. I'm sure I'll be the first in line to catch both.

I can see that you're at peace now. Keep it up as it will attract good vibes around you. Good luck again in accomplishing your dreams. You're always in my 'doa'.

ixora said...

gud luck!
b strong!
always doa n tawakkal!

Honeydy Love said...

Insyaallah.. And you too kay..?
You are such a good person as well, as i know.. :)
stay dat way kay.. :)
and dun forget to keep on smiling.. :)