Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Racism? Again?

This guy named Surind, just bring in racism phenomenal again in this country with his article, entitled 'The Hajj: The Most Shameful Journey in History.' Read Here.

Maybe it's just some opinion from him that we should respect as a people who live in this multiracial country but for me I don't think Malaysia is ready for this kind of straight forward thing (Religious matter).

I don't know what to say. I have my own opinion. Yes, I'm mad at this guy. But I think all of you should read his article first and just drop your thought here. We'll discuss about it.



Anonymous said...

Its bound to happen .
Surinraj,in his previous postings
wack at other religions, if you u care to surf.
I dont know what make out of this guy.
But since there are 3 billion people in this planet, statistically he is bound to emerge.
Depending on ur religious bents, u may flog him (he doesnt give a rat ----,) or u may delete his blog from ur links or favs,or commend him for his upstart rude and uncouth attitude or u delete him.

Skullsplitter said...

Anon - Halo Arjun! Thanks for visiting me here. Truly is, I'm really mad with this guy but I'm not mad because of his article, but I don't really like with what he thinking about other religions. Malaysian is multiracial country, we have to respect other religions.


zackzara said...

Thanks for the alert. I've read it. My 2cents:

He is simply projecting his personal views based on nonsense. When nonsense people talk, they talk none other than nonsense.

I'm not that mad out of his article because it clearly indicates that he warrants no attention and not an intelligent talk that can challenge our knowledge, hence all he can do is to blog about it. He is an attention seeker. Period.

Anonymous said...

pondok Buruk, no prob man.
But since u own ur blog methinks u shud offer a jab or two or three and etc to people who belittle other religions.
The net may be a media to propagate, not to espouse hate.
Unfortunately there are pple like and others amongst 3 billion denizens.
methinks Surind and the likes get paid by postings counted.

CAHAYA said...

Obviously, he just mumbling. And no one cares. he talked rubbish, and no one cares.

Typical attention seeker!

Skullsplitter said...

Zara: Welcome!Yup he is an attention seekers and maybe he got paid by somebody.


Skullsplitter said...

Anon : Arjun. I like your style. Haha. Ali G. I will arjun. And agree with you that blog or net is supposed to be a good platform to write something good that we can share with others and it's not supposed to be a platform to created tension among peoples who read the articles. Have a nice day!


Skullsplitter said...

Cahaya : People like this try to be a hero, just want to show that he's good but like you said, he talked rubbish and he just show us how stupidest he is. Write an articles without knowledge and pretended like he know everything about Islam and other religions but now he just created phenomenal again in our country. Muslims hates him. He's insecure. Who dare to help him? No one.


Panglima Perang Cyber said...

salam...lama tak jumpa...

ada masa join team BPN..

kita lawan dengan hikmah penentang agama dan musuh negara..


Skullsplitter said...

Panglima : Salam sahabat! Itu la, agak sibuk kebelakangan ni. InsyaAllah ada masa terluang saya join nanti. Kot2 boleh pekena teh tarik lagi kat Sepang. Hehe. So, kabare? Hehe.


Nizam Gtz said...


hak asasi menyeluruh + Kebebasan tanpa had + liberalisasi = menghampiri aties...