Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Keep It

Keep it! In term of feeling, it's just a simple word, but hard to implement.

Feeling? I'm not good in hiding my feelings. But now, I try to do that. It will hurt me more, but it's nothing for me. It's just a part of life. Get hurt. Words of the day is 'Better to keep it, than to hurt someone again and again'. Bile nak abis daa?

Do you usually tell people when they hurt your feelings?

If yes, i bet that he/she will get deeply hurts after you be so vocal and straightforward. Is it fair? Want to be selfish?
For me it doesn't show that you have patience. Someone said to me, you can show them that you really hurts only with physical, face etc. My question is, how if you never have chance to do it? How to show it?

If no, just bottle it up?
How if when the time comes and you can't keep it anymore? Just let it slip? Is it worth it? (For me, yes. I'll call it sacrifice.)

Agree or not? Drop your thought.

'You cannot always have happiness, but you can always give happiness'

Kasih =)


zackzara said...

At some point, I do agree with you. It might not be good if we are being upfront about how we feel. Your quote “You cannot always have happiness, but you can always give happiness” warrant an elaboration.

Indeed, it's hard sometimes to tell the other party of how we feel. If we aren’t tell, it might hurt us and our silence might indicate that we are not being truthful enough to ourselves, let alone to others. For me, it is always depends on case to case basis. Some people can accept the truth of how you feel and some can't. The response can be used as our benchmark in whether our feelings truly matter. If you keep it to yourself, the other party might not know until for some time, and by then, it might be too late.

Of course there is consequences in telling it i.e. either they accept it or they don’t accept it. Either way, you’ve already ‘cleanse’ yourself. No, you are not being selfish or self-centred but you are just being you, portraying what’s inside to the outside and you are being truthful to yourself. People will accept it, sooner or later. That’s about it. If you are not happy over it, how can you give happiness to others? Your action might be a fake one. And do you feel good about it? Over time?

I am always the advocate of telling people how I feel, although it is often difficult, but at least we’ve got the opportunity to show our stand. People might think that I am selfish, but I have the control and power of my own feelings and I try my best not to hurt it because if I am, I might not be happy and it may have effects to those around me, in one way or another. You have the exclusive control of how you feel, no?

“Berkatalah benar sekalipun pahit"

CAHAYA said...

Agreed with Zara, where no matter in what point or situation that we're at, we must tell the truth all the time. Truth might hurts if we tell, but it will hurts more if we don't.

Whether the other party accept it or not, it depends on what situation. At least, as Zara said earlier, you already 'cleanse' yourself.

p/s: It's bad if we keep what we feel to oneself. Boleh jadi penyakit hati tu. Sorry about yesterday Mr Eddy.

Skullsplitter said...

Zara : You said : 'Some people can accept the truth of how you feel and some can't' I'm not agree with this. Because nobody can accept the truth of how we feel. Sometimes, they just ignore it. That's it.

Yaa.. Just be yourself, agree with that.. But do you think they will understand? I don't think so.

If i'm not happy, i still can give happiness to others. Who said I can't? When you give hope and something that will make them happy, make sure that it truly come from your heart. 'Ikhlas'. Nothing to do with what i feel.

“Berkatalah benar sekalipun pahit" - Trust me, akan pahit selamanya.


Skullsplitter said...

Cahaya : Yup, it might be hurt if we just keep it to oneself, but only us will get hurt. It's better than both of us feel the same way, rite? I'll called it sacrifice. Just give and take.

**Penyakit hati? Erm. Dah ade dah penyakit ni. Haha.


Anonymous said...

A lil bit of contradiction over there, but then again, its one's own perception of how to deal with one's feeling.

True that you can make others happy but if yourself isn't happy with your own feelings, how well you think that it comes from your heart? This is what I said a lil bit of contradiction. I believe that ikhlas comes in two ways. You are ikhlas over your feeling and the other person is ikhlas too in accepting your feelings...only then they will understand and accept the truth of how you feel.

But of course...different people view differently..feels differently and act differently..