Sunday, August 31, 2008


Strength is a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energising to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance. Everybody in the world try to find their strength. They just don't realize that everybody have their own strength, deep inside their heart and they don't know how to use it.

For me, I find my strength in my faith. It is only Allah that allows me to get through the tough times in my life. I became so much stronger, when I realized my strength comes from Him, And that the supply available in endless, all I need to do is accept it. He is with me every step of the way. I believe that.

My family, her, her family and friends also are great source of strength in my life, Thanks!

You are my strength

You are my strength
Strength like no other
Strength like no other
Reaches to me

You are my hope
Hope like no other
Hope like no other
Reaches to me

In the fullness of your Grace
In the power of your Name
You lift me up
You life me up

Unfailing love
Stronger than mountains
Deeper than oceans
Reaches to me

Pre-chorus 2x

Your love, Oh Allah
Reaches to the Heavens
Your faithfulness,
Reaches to the sky

It is Allah Who created you in a state of (helpless) weakness, then gave (you) strength after weakness, then, after strength, gave (you weakness and a hoary head: He creates as He wills, and it is He Who has all knowledge and power.
( سورة الروم , Ar-Room, Chapter #30, Verse #54)

How about you?

*Pss.. You are my strength too, Kasih!

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