Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raising Our Flag Up Side Down??

Kelantanese Blogger Sheih a.k.a Kickdefella had on August, 3rd launched a campaign to fly Jalur Gemilang up side down as a symbol of the people's frustration and as a signal of a nation in distress.

Read here for more details : Kickdefella - Raising My Flag Up Side Down


What the **** are you thinking bro? Why we have to do that? Flag represent our country, why punish the nation for the fault of our politicians? Our distress is because of our politicians not our country. We have to respect our dignity. Please don't disrespect our flag.

My friend said 'Please ask this guy to apply for other citizenship and then he be able to flag-down the Malaysian flag - if he able to do so'

I Love My Country.



kec said...

Flag-ing down one's country flag is like flag-ing down one's dignity six-feet under. In my personal view, such a statement represents one's disrespect to other fellow citizens regardless of his/her political background. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he might confused with his status of citizenship. Perhaps after having too much unnecessary inputs about the country's politics making him wanna puke so he comes up with such an obnoxious idea.

Hmmm.. maybe its time to kickdefella, as his 'name' clearly said.

What say you?

Skullsplitter said...

zara : Yup Zara. Sometimes we have to think properly before we make a move to write about anything. This group is a bunch of bigots who do not respect our dignity. It is not improper or disrespectful to fly the flag upside down when the reason to do that is because of the politic issue.

Yup zara, agree with you! KICKDEFELLA!


pemudakampung said...

cis!!!! suatu ketika dulu gelaran untuk orang seperti ini adalah "barua ataupun tali barut penjajah"
Tidak layak untuk hidup atau tinggal di Negara ini.

pls do something....
punish this barua!!!
thorrow this barua out from ur beloved country.

Skullsplitter said...

Pemuda Kampung : Yup. Sememangnya orang sebegini tidak layak menjejakkan kaki pun dimuka bumi ini. Ini dilihat satu penghinaan buat negara. Tiada salahnya pada negara itu melainkan orang-orang yang berda didalam negara itu yang merosakkannya.