Monday, July 7, 2008

How to Sacrifice?

I just thinking of how to sacrifice in our life.

1. How to sacrifice in the way of Allah SWT? How to willing and prepared to offer sacrifices to HIM?
Situation - Don't know how to do it and
where, when to start it.

2. How to sacrifice in love?
Situation - Long distance relationship - Have a problem with communication - Really don't know the status of the relationship - Really love him/her but don't want him/her to suffer with kind of this relationship (Should we just let her/him go? Can we call that a sacrifice?)

3. How to sacrifice to ourself?
Situation - Have the good job with the good pay but not really happy with the job (Should we just quit? Can we call that a sacrifice to ourself?)



zackzara said...

Ermm...quite interesting. The Q is HOW. Hmm..I would say it depends on what your main goal and priority is. When we do not know how, we should seek ways in doing it.

For the first Q, I would say that we have the Quran + Hadith + Sunnah as a guidance and we should look and be friend with ulamas. This one, we should be ready to sacrifice in HIS way at anytime.

The second Q, it also depends on what you want out of the relationship. If you love him/her, why should you let it go? In the name of sacrifice? What good does it make to you? It surely gonna hurt both of you, so why letting go because of distance?

The third Q, it also depends on what we want and need out of this. If you have a good job + good pay, why the need to put an 'end' (though temporary) to that good thing? Are you doing justice to yourself? Unless of course you are thinking of giving a different meaning of justice to yourself - by sacrificing your good pays for more good pays...and worth venturing into biz. By's a different story.

Yes, I sacrifice few things in life, along the way. And will do a lot more, in the long way to come.

Skullsplitter said...

zara - Thanks for your good answer in here. Just a few question lg.. Still blur..

1. But now, can we trust the ulamas in Malaysia? And i just read one book about wali Allah. Should we be like them? Just let all the 'dunia' things go and focus to Allah? we can call this a sacrifice? And should we have 'guru'?

2. Ok. But if she/he didn't show any interest anymore in their relationship or maybe sometime it's only just feeling that he/she doesn't care anymore about him/her? How about that?

3. 'Sacrificing your good pays for more good pays' - By zara. I like this quote!


ezrazlin™ said...

owh zara is so good..she answered what i'll answer! this topic is too wide..i might do on this too!

well done beb..

Anonymous said...

For all those 3 Qs:

It's never a matter of 'knowing', but just a matter of 'timing, i guess.
I suppose every each and one of us already knows the answers - anyone can answer them at any time.. but in the end it's up to us on WHEN to execute. (or whether we ARE ready to execute or not).

Anonymous said...

And yup - define ULAMAK in Malaysia. Heheh good one.

zackzara said...

Well skullsplitter, Thanks :)

At first I wanted to say 'timing' as per what Jojoe commented, it's all about time. But then I realise that the main Q is HOW to perhaps you know when to sacrifice. :)

But Ezra is good too..and we shall wait of the dish he's gonna serve us..soon.

zackzara said...

More answer on your Qs.

1. We can trust the ulamas in Msia provided that we have make research on them first so that you wont blindly follow them so as not to fall into their prey. Once you've done research on them, seek for their basic understanding first as per whatever books that you hold, then only you can rely on them. Sounds a lot of work huh...but it pays.

2. Ok..if he/she is not into you, then you can let him/her go because it is a clear indication that one side is not on the love track. And this is not sacrifice.

eh...2 je ke? ;)

Nizam Gtz said...

How to sacrifice?? Good topic for the noble human being...

Once, God ask Ibrahim a.s. to sacrifice his own son, Ismail a.s.

To achieve our target, sometime what we loves are bear us to achieve that... So, we have to sacrifice what we love and leave the rest, bring it onto success...

Thanks to Zara on her explanation...

For me, a lot of sacrifices in the way of ALLAH.... readily to do what HE ask and leave on what HE ask to leave.

For the second, readily to sacrifice our feeling and try to get the loyalty in relationship... (Me fail in this way of sacrificing... huhu)

The third, I'm really quit my job to calmness myself... No point working in the depress situation (but my previous company now struggle deal wif SC and nearly bankrupcy)

-live is wonderful eh?-

Skullsplitter said...

Ezra - Thanks for visiting! Yup Zara was too good.

Jojoe - Thanks for visiting! Ermm.. About timing? But how about the example, if we don't ask the question, how can we get the answer.. So, if we don't start to think and try, how can we know what will happen to us? And should we just wait and see? Sampai seru? Erm.. maybe we should start it now.. I don't know. Pening!

Skullsplitter said...

Jojoe : Yup! I really confuse with our ulama' now. I don't know how to respect them and seriously, I don't even like them. I don't know why.

zara : Ok..

1 - Thanks for the great idea from you.

2 - Ermm.. Another question. How about if that is only our feeling? The true is.. she/he really love us but he/she just don't want to show it? And how can we know it?

Itu je kec.. ops. Cik Zara.


zackzara said...

Bes (as opposed to kec. haha),

Hmm..if she loves you discreetly, well, then maybe you have to give her some space, so that she will be able to express her love to you BUT if let say until such reasonable time she is still keeping mum about it, then perhaps her love is only as a friend - no more no less.

Some people just too shy to admit their love, some are ego and some are just plain dumb.

If you love that someone, just say it before its too late. Whatever consequences that may be later on, you just have to accept it. Matured people will accept it and move on (if so happen that the love is unrequited ones).

Nizam Gtz said...

Whatever it is... hidup mesti terus

Skullsplitter said...

zamspotte : Ya.. betul la.. Related dgn cerita Nabi Ibrahim A.S tu.

1. Erm yup! Thats the way we are!

2. Zam.. How to show loyalty if you are the only ready to have it in the relationship? Susah la zamspotte.

3. Thank god u quit dude! Haha, kalau tak.. Naya lu.. Haha

Skullsplitter said...

zara : Tk boleh tanye dah. Clever, productive, accurate and ermm.. u just too good! =)

zamspotte : Betul! Hidup mesti terus!


Anonymous said...





Skullsplitter said...

anonymous : Zuhud, Ibadah & Akidah, semuanya tidak langsung lari dari pengajaran kita as a umat Islam. Mengapalah aku lupa akan ini. Thanks for the advice and answer.