Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who's going to win EURO '08?

Euro '08 Austria-Switzerland

Like the World Cup, the European tournament takes place every four years. The tournament features 16 teams, each having survived an extensive qualifying schedule, placed into four groups. Each team is guaranteed three games with two teams advancing from each group. In the first round, there will be two games each day until June 14 and then four days with three games every day. The quarterfinals begin a week from Thursday, the semifinals start two weeks from Wednesday and the final is Sunday, June 29 in Vienna, Austria.

Base on my prediction, I'll choose this 4 teams at the semi finals.
1. Netherlands
2. Portugal
3. Germany
4. Spain

Why not France? - France have 100% top players in his team but the problem with this team is they don't have team spirit at the international games like EURO.

Why not Italy? -
Italy are mentally stronger than they were during their 2006 World Cup triumph but since they loss their captain, Cannavaro and the latest injury is Christian Panucci i don't think Italy strong enough to beat Netherlands & France. Christian Panucci limped out of training on Friday after suffering what looked to be a right knee injury. But since they were World Cup Champion, miracle can happen. We don't know.

How about you? Which team going to win this cup? Any idea.. Just write it!


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